Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Check out my new blog!

Hello, friends! I've missed posting here, but after much prayer and the encouragement of my husband, I've started a brand new blog!

Find it here: Perspectives in Parenting: Grace, Connection, and JESUS

The Bergey Bunch was heading in so many different directions (family updates, adoption, parenting, ministry, etc) that I was struggling with knowing where to focus. Perspectives in Parenting is a brand new blog with a focus on Christian parenting.

You'll find tabs on everything from older child adoption to co-sleeping, special needs parenting to child training techniques, connected discipline to missions and ministry parenting!

Eliana (13) even has her own section just for teens and she's gathered quite a bit of attention with her new posts on modesty and choosing friends wisely. :)

For the very first time, I've shared publicly about how I was almost aborted. You won't want to miss that post!

If you've enjoyed the Bergey Bunch over the years, make sure you go FOLLOW my new blog right now so you don't miss a single new post!

I also have a Facebook Page for Perspectives in Parenting. Don't forget to "like" the page so you can keep up with new posts, pictures, and join in the conversation. :)

I will still be blogging here with family updates and pictures. Blessings to you, my sweet friends! Hope to see you on the "other" side at Perspectives in Parenting!

Selina Bergey

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