Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thank You and Changes

Dearest Friends and Family,

Thank you to those of you who prayed and encouraged our hearts last week.

We faced some really big decisions that affect our entire family's future.

There is an amazing peace from God that we made the correct decision. We are facing some pretty major changes coming our way this next year and we are extremely excited about them!  I wish I could publicly share all that the Lord has been doing in our lives.....but this blog is just that: public. And I need to wait a little longer to share all the details. :)

One change that I can share is that we had to put our adoption plans for Africa on hold. Our hearts are still just as passionate about orphan care as they ever were, but we won't be pursuing an international adoption right now.

Our God loves us, His unworthy children, so much more than any of us deserve. The immense joy that comes from wholehearted, abandoning faith is beyond description. Just when our hearts were aching because of our change in adoption plans, the Lord opened some doors we had been praying fervently about for quite some time! His ways are not our ways, and I'm thankful.

I know I've started several series over the past few months, and I'm doing my best to work on each one as time allows. We had company for almost 2 weeks in November and that, combined with the heavy decisions on our hearts, has made my blogging time next to nothing. :)

I've had many requests for some practical examples of Grace Parenting, as well as more detailed posts on the older child adoption series. My goal is to work on both series in the next two weeks. Stay tuned and thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and patience. :)

With Love,


  1. thx for the update! been checking daily on you all. cute pic! excited to hear your new direction. went with a pass on the potty as by day 3 we still had not had one success. will try again in a few weeks. totally random sentences that do not belong together. kindof like my life :-)

  2. I have been praying for your family and for peace. We had to make a very difficult decision as a family this past summer. It was horrible and gut wrenching but once we made our decision, I was at such peace, I knew it could only come from God. I pray for that for you as well.

  3. I'm so sorry you had to face such hard decisions, but I am so thankful God directed your steps so clearly. I CANNOT wait until you can share more details about what is next. I don't get to reading blogs as much as I used to (or posting to mine either ;), but I always am blessed when I stop by to read up on the Bergey Bunch! Hope your family has a VERY BLESSED Christmas. :)


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