Monday, December 3, 2012

Decisions and Prayer

My husband and I will be making some very major decisions this week. These decisions affect our entire lives.

I'm not at liberty to share all of the details just yet. When I am able, I will gladly share.

In the meantime, if you are a believer, would you lift the Bergey family before the throne of grace this week?

We are praying specifically for direction, wisdom, clarity, and complete surrender.

Thank you, dear friends.


  1. We relate as we have a similar situation in our own lives right now. Taking a moment to pray for you now.

  2. It would be an honor, Selina. Happy to pray over this weighty decision for you. Angie & the Rylands boys!

  3. praying for you! (I am leaning one certain way - just so you know :) But praying God directs you clearly to HIS perfect will.

  4. thinking of you this week.
    question from the potty training post. we tried today. all the steps you mentioned. she will sit on the potty and then pee in the pants after the candy for trying is given. sitting 4-6 mins each time with books and potty buddy. keep going? or try again in a few weeks? 5 wet panty 6-11am. 2 successful tries. kiddo will be 3 in feb. been home 2 years this months.

    1. Nicole, My rule of thumb is to give it 3 full days of potty training---with no diapers except at nap time. If, after 3 days, she still isn't "getting it", then I would try again in 2-3 months.

      However, accidents on the first day are VERY normal. Multiple accidents usually means they are learning to hold and release the correct muscle, so don't give up just yet! :) Keep doing what you're doing, switching to treats only after successes once she's had a few more successes.

      If she's ready, things will be better by the end of day three. :)

      Hoping it goes well for you and your little blessing!


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