Thursday, November 8, 2012


I received quite a bit of feedback regarding a musical instrument for Johanna--thank you!

Several of you suggested the piano. Just to clarify, I play the piano, and taught private lessons full-time until my home started filling up with many small children. :) I teach both Johanna and Eliana piano lessons, but I was looking for another instrument that would blend nicely with the violins and piano. Unfortunately, we only have one piano, and Mommy claims it when we're doing music together....:)

One lovely reader offered to send a lap harp to Johanna---what a blessing!!!!!

Shhhh! Johanna doesn't know yet, and will probably receive it for Christmas---if Mommy can wait that long to see the joy on her face when she opens it!

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  1. What a great idea!! We have 1 piano, and 1` weighted keyboard. With 6 kids at home, they both stay busy. I have always loved harp music, a lap harp would be the perfect start=)
    One of the most beautiful weddings I have ever attended, was outdoors, with the only music being from a full sized harp.


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