Monday, January 9, 2012

Dentist Trip Gone Bad

Nathaniel (7 years) had a routine visit to the dentist this morning to fill three cavities. It seems that a couple of his 6 year molars came in already decayed and a bit deformed.

He was so sweet and brave, staying still for the Novacaine and coming out of the chair with a smile.

The dentist reminded Nathaniel not to bite his cheek while it was numb from the medicine and to be careful eating lunch.

I kept an eye on him during lunch and his mouth seemed fine.

Four hours after his appointment, he said his mouth felt funny. I looked inside his mouth, and this is what I found:

Poor baby! He had somehow bitten a huge, nasty, deep cut into his little numb lip! It started gushing blood (think how a bloody nose gushes!) and I made a quick call to the dentist.

She said I could bring him in for sutures, or wait it out and try to let it heal naturally.

We chose to wait it out. His lip is badly swollen and the "hole" is quite deep, but I know mouth wounds heal fast so I'm hoping it looks better soon.

Moral of the story----Numb mouths and children don't mix! :)


  1. Oh poor guy! That makes my stomach hurt!

  2. Poor baby! That looks really painful!

  3. Poor little guy! It hurts just to look at it!

  4. oh my! That looks painful! I hope it heals quickly.

  5. oh man! That looks awful. I pray it heals quickly!
    My daughter has always been afraid of the dentist. We have finally found one that she is somewhat comfortable with...however, she fainted on him during a routine visit. We assume she did so because of the anxiety and the fact that she didn't eat before going, she was too worried about having her teeth clean. LOL 911 was called...and the dentist made sure that they came in the back door and not the front as not to panic the other

    I so hear ya on a dentist trip gone bad! LOL

  6. Oh dear! I hope that he recovers soon and the pain will go away, if there is any left!
    So good to see another post at last from you!

  7. I have to admit that picture is pretty gross :) Hope it heals well and soon.


  8. Ooh, that's not a pretty sight at all. Well, here's to hoping that it doesn't affect his way of seeing dental treatments, and that it heals in a jiffy.

  9. I accidentally bit my lip and caused a wound just like that. Its been 3 days now, it seems to be healing slowly, I guess because it is a deep wound, but regardless, it is painful! I cannot speak correctly because its painful, nor can I eat correctly. I feel bad for your child.

  10. That was unfortunate! It’s been a good nine months after the experience, so I think Nathaniel’s long over it. I just want to ask, have you brought him back to the dentist? Problems like this can affect his disposition regarding dentists. I hope that wasn’t the case, Selina.

  11. Ouch! It's hard enough to go the dentist as kid, but when it hurts it makes it all the worse. Hopefully everything turns out alright.


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