Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pictures from the last month

Daddy snuggle time
Eliana's 9th birthday, with her friends Emily (on right) and Elise
Watch out---babies on the loose! :)
Family birthday party---Eliana received a Violin for her birthday and is now taking lessons and LOVING it!
She's NINE!
Lovely shot of Aunt Rhonda and Gabbey
Mohawks in the bathtub! You can see how NOT happy Noah was about this :)

Lovin' our girl...
Dinner at Carrabas for "Uncle Mike's" 40th birthday party. Mike is married to my sister Ruthie.
Grocery shopping with two toddlers is, um, shall we say, exciting? I pulled out the camera and this is the face Ethan gave me...
Then Gabbey started attacking him! LOL

"No, No, Gabbey---NO touch!" You can tell how seriously she's taking him...

Friends again ;)
I've been sewing! I made pillowcase jumpers for both girls and am excited to work on some more "spring" projects!
Too cute for words.....LOVE this baby girl!
Our growing family of seven......

Life is busy around here, but I'm happier than I've ever been (and I've pretty much always  been happy!)......I tell Brent every day-----I LOVE MY LIFE. Truly, God is good, and has blessed us abundantly. All praise goes to HIM. He gives and He takes away---and I'm so thankful I can trust His plan for our lives.

Gabbey goes for an appointment with a Pediatric Cadiologist tomorrow morning. Her doctor found a blowing heart murmur and wants to get her checked out. We would appreciate your prayesrs.....for peace and trust, no matter the outcome.


  1. Your family is beautiful! Miss Gabbey is looking wonderful & so happy. Nikki is growing like crazy. She started walking last week and says a few word. We are praying for Gabbey's heart. Cara

  2. Me again, where did you get the pattern for the pillow case dress? Cara

  3. Looks like things are going wonderfully! Love the Mohawk picture, even if not all of your models were feeling cooperative. The shopping excursion is priceless, too :-)



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