Friday, August 6, 2010

An Update!!!!

Every morning since our referral, I check my e-mail first thing upon wakening, hoping for an e-mail with updated information and new pictures of our precious little girl....

Well, this morning was that morning. I saw the e-mail but didn't open it. I ran into our bedroom and told Brent, "We got an update! We got an update!" I've never seen him jump out of bed so fast!

Not sure yet if there were pictures, I opened the e-mail.....and held my breath......

Then I saw it----SEVEN new pictures! Plus the answers to our questions! Only those who have or are currently adopting can understand how PRICELESS updated information on our children is.  It's the only connection we have to this little girl that's already stolen our hearts. We think of her day and night, wondering if she's okay, comfortable, hungry, wet or lonely.  We pray she's being loved on, stimulated, played with.  Our hearts wish we could go get her NOW but China says "wait".

This waiting period is very much like a pregnancy---we know we're getting a baby, we know about when she's coming, we know it's a girl, and we even know what she looks like.  But unlike a pregnancy, where the baby is with Momma at all times, safe and warm, our little one is in an orphanage. A decent orphanage, but an orphanage still.  Thousands of miles away.  Waiting for her Momma and Daddy to come get her!

I know I still need to answer alot of questions regarding our daughter, China, our timeline, etc. I keep writing and rewriting the post in my head, but for some reason, it hasn't gotten posted to my blog yet! Have patience---I think I'll get it done today or tomorrow. :)

Here's what we know about our sweet baby girl so far-----She'll be 11 months old on the 9th of August. She was born premature, weighing only 2lbs 12 oz at birth, and was abandoned outside a school when she was about a day old.  The police found her and took her to the Nanjing Social Welfare Institute, where she spent five months in special care and has "graduated" to the 0-1 year old room which she shares with about 40 babies.

She's now 14 pounds, 26 inches long, and has 5 teeth.  She is sitting up, rolling over, and crawling backwards.  She smiles and laughs "easily" and can hold her own bottle, although she has started eating rice now.  She loves noisy toys and her nanny. 

Not at all related to her develpment, but I asked the orphanage if they would let her hair grow (The orphanages shave the heads of babies, toddlers, and often even older children.. I imagine it makes it easier to take care of so many children.) They answered back that since the "family requested, we will let her hair grow."  This makes my happy, because I love hairbows and can't wait to do her hair!

Here's a couple of updated pictures. Can you see her little teeth?

She's dressed like a boy, but can't you just imagine her in a frilly dress, with little pink shoes and a huge hairbow in her hair? I can! 

I just want to kiss her little cheeks, pick her up and never let her go again.

We're coming little one. We're coming!

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  1. Well I just cried my eyes out! I am so excited and can't wait for her to finally be here! I love my new niece already as well!


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