Monday, May 3, 2010

Litte Girls Room

I love to decorate, especially shabby chic, feminine decor. Painted furniture, soft pastel colors, lace and flowers are my favorite. In preparation for our new little girl, I've been having fun re-doing Ellie's room.

The "old" room had a queen canopy bed, but the room is rather small and the bed took up most of the space. With two little girls needing playspace/sleeping space, well, there just wasn't enough room! I sold the bed and Ellie's old dresser on Craig's list and then my parents gave us a set of white bunkbeds with a matching dresser. The dresser had been an "as-is" purchase years ago and came without the top doors.

We put the bunks and dresser into Ellie's room, and added matching pink tea-cup duvet covers. I rearranged the dollhouse bookshelf (a Target purchase several years ago) and the dresser several times, trying to get the most functional space out of the room.

The room still needed something to give it a more "girly" touch....I love to see how little I can spend when re-doing a room, so I didn't want to spend much money. I tried a couple different curtains, remaking or using what I already had. I ended up taking Ellie's old curtain (Shabby Chic, again from Target several years ago), cutting off the bottom, and inside mounting it. I added some ribbon and loved the end result!

                       Then I took the leftover curtain fabric and made a set of curtains for the dresser!

I found a picture of a painted house in a Pottery Barn Kids magazine, and while painting is not one of my strengths, I decided to try anyway. (I figured I could always paint over it if it was a flop!)
Here's the first step (you can see one of my curtain attempts in this picture, too)

Next came the pink scalloped "roof". I traced a kids bowl to get the round shape.
I had only bought two sample size paint cans, one pink and one white. So after I painted two shutters, I mixed a little pink and white together for the stripes on the shutters.

I took an old shelf that I wasn't currently using

spray painted it white

and hung it under the shutters.
The "window" is a cheap picture frame spray painted white. Ellie drew a picture of a little girl for me to put in it. And the doll is the first thing Ellie bought when we started our adoption! It's for her new sister.

My other children were busy making messes while Momma painted. Here's Noah:
And the completed room, all ready for TWO sweet little girls.

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  1. This is beautiful! I love it!
    God bless you and your sweet children!



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